third culture coffee

Welcome to Third Culture Coffee

At Third Culture Coffee, we invite you to embark on a journey of flavors that transcend borders. Founded by Radhikka Kapur and Sandeep Kini, our coffee, dessert, and wine bar is a celebration of global influences, a place where diverse cultures come together in every cup and every bite.

Third Culture Coffee

Our Story

In the heart of Bellevue, a dream took root – a dream fueled by the love for coffee, the magic of diverse cultures, and the desire to create a space that transcends borders. This dream found its architects in Radhikka Kapur and Sandeep Kini, two kindred spirits united by a shared passion for the extraordinary.

Avocado Toast

Kaya Toast

Haldi Doodh

Hot Cakes Dark Decadence

Recommended Reviews

Very unique coffee place with coffee from the world. I like to try new types of coffee here. The decoration here is great! Great place for talking, doing some work or just relaxing.
Emelina W.
5stars for the ambience and the amazing fusion menu. It was nostalgic to see filter coffee right in the heart of Bellevue downtown. I was so curious to know their history and the rest of the menu. It was fascinating to see items like - Haldi Doodh, Indian Filter coffee.
Dhilip R.
A place for the coffee connoisseurs - really on-point pour over with balanced flavor, layered notes and a mild aroma that just filled your nasal cavity. Think I'm going to buy some beans from here. Great space and ambience as well! I really liked my blueberry scone too.
Isabelle J.
I love the diverse variety of drinks available from all over the world. The Vietnamese coffee is delicious and the beans are great. I also like the toasts - had mine with ricotta and mashed figs. The ambiance is super cozy and a great place to work at due to the abundance of outlets available. Service is also good. My only gripe is that some menu items seem overpriced
Lizzy L.